A blog about DDNOS, Dissociation, Satanic Ritual Abuse, God and other stuff.

I am 33 years old. A girl, i mean woman. Recently married. A professional. Creative, film making background.


In 2012, I got sober through AA, I eventually found God, became a Christian and then started hearing voices in my head. Turns out I have dissociative parts. Go figure. Made a lot of sense as I have complete amnesia around my childhood, all sorts of weird quirks (more later) and lots of suicidal ideation, depression and the like. Things have definitely gotten better since I got sober, plus now i have more support networks to deal with my memories and parts. I am really only on the start of this journey and it feels very strange and terrifying and unreal and sometimes stupid and like i am just making it all up and other times nothing has felt more authentic.

I live in Melbourne, Australia. Please stick around and share your thoughts too.



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