Travelling with God

I am currently travelling the East of America, heading down to the South (New Orleans) to present at a conference. It’s been a very exciting and blessed trip and I have really felt the presence of God with me this whole time. I can feel some internal disruption starting as of tonight. Something has changed, I can feel it in the air. My parts can feel it. I know that New Orleans has been known to have lots of demonic energy and I am susceptible to this, so I just need to stick close to God and pray lots.

It’s been so fascinating driving through some parts of the Bible Belt. I have absolutely loved it, I feel really inspired and safe seeing Jesus’ name everywhere. I have never seen anything like that before. We just don’t get that type of show and tell in Australia. The Christian community feels strong and large. This trip has made me thirsty to know and serve God more. Something has shifted in me. Who knows if it will last. All I know is that I want and need to rely on God for everything. It’s like I just don’t want to do anything more by myself. As though I can’t. It must be led by Him. This excites me as whatever God does is amazing, so that means there is going to be such good things in store.



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