Facing reality

After the third warning came, I ended things with S. Today is the third day of “friend zone” or best friend zone, though much is under threat. Husband doesn’t like her and want her over at the house anymore as he thinks I change when I am around her. He doesn’t like the energy and is scared by what’s going on. Fair enough, he should be. Host is far gone when she is around as many of us are activated. We like being out and talking and chatting and being silly with her. He doesn’t exist when she is around, he is like a brute and we feel uncomfortable. We understand that he is husband in theory but this has no application for us. We would prefer to live in the city, in an apartment with her and to always be together. We cannot live our dream as we are caught in two worlds and it is very hard to be shut out again. 

Signed the dreamers. 


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