Penny for my thoughts.

That’s my name, Penny. I got it from that stupid saying. I am 22. I have recently decided to get a room in the house with the little ones, but like my space. I am not a baby sitter by any means. I like to be by myself. I enjoy solitude, not too much noise. The less company the better. At the moment there is a lot of noise going on. A lot of disruption inside. Much has been activated, and no doubt will continue to do so – i think we have another 12 – 18 months of this. I usually appear in rough times. I can weather a storm – yes, I am full of cliches remember. I like to watch, observe and look. I have lived in the head for a long time, since before I can recall. I am a watcher. Yes that is my job. I just realised. I watch for danger, for signs, for things that could go wrong and then I call for help. Activate the movers. They usually come in and take over then. Things can get shut down pretty quickly if necessary. At the moment there is a lot of danger imminent. There have been two warning signs not listened to and so it is important to be on the lookout for the third, because it could be the final one before it is too late.


4 thoughts on “Penny for my thoughts.

  1. Hi Penny! Good to see you posting and introducing yourself. You seem to have a very important role in the system. Thank you for being there and protecting everyone inside.

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