Alter Prison Guard Released.

Hello my name is Driava. I have just been released from my job as a Prison Guard. I am 29 years of age and have been guarding the doors of a very large prison full of disowned parts, supposedly bad children and other wretched things. When Jesus and I opened up the prison gates, we found a lot of sick children. Also there were many dead people. Jesus brought in an army of angels, with hospital beds and tonight they are cleaning up the mess. I even saw someone hanging from the ceiling and a small child huddled over in the corner. I feel bad that I just stood out the front, smoking cigarettes, staring up at the sky. It was mainly black though and I never saw much. I just did my job. They paid me for it to begin, but I spent the money. I haven’t been paid for a long time, but I suppose I have had nothing to buy. I feel depressed that I didn’t do anything. Jesus spoke to me about forgiveness and that I could forgive myself, like He has forgiven me. I asked Patricia how long I should spend in feelings of guilt. She told me that as soon as I recognised the feeling, I should let it go. So I visualised the guilt as a square object and Jesus took it away. Some of it still lingers though, or is it sadness? Yeah, its sadness. My job now is to write, though I am struggling with self belief. I want to tell my story but I have been in the dark for so long. I used to think of stories late at night. I have not slept for 29 years. That is a long time to be awake, thinking of things. I never had a pen or paper or computer, so I was not able to write anything down. Tonight will be the first night that I sleep and I am looking forward to it. I no longer have to wear a uniform too. When I was a guard, the children used to scream out for me to help them. Their screams would pierce the air and I would shut my ears tight to muffle out the sounds. I thought they would never break me.


One thought on “Alter Prison Guard Released.

  1. Hi Driava, nice to hear from you. Im very happy you were released from your former job and that through that major achivement you also released all those lost and hurt children.
    Guilt is tricky… but I agree that you should be allowed to let that go. You never chose to become that, you were forced and scared. Now that you see that you have a choice, the children were set free and taken care off.

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