Hello for the first time 

Hello. I am little and shouldn’t really be allowed on the computer but I am going to anyway. Um I do not know what to say as I have never been out before but I can type fast and I can often think fast too. So fast that I run out of thoughts quickly. I am five. I don’t like being in another body because it feels so big and I am so small and I don’t know where I am most of the time. For example, the house and the places outside of it. People ask what do you like to do but I don’t even know. I like to play with my toys the most and we have a puppy named Billie so I like to see what she is doing and to pat her fur. We live with a man but he is strange and says funny things, but he is sometimes nice and so far not mean. He doesn’t talk much and we don’t know what to say to him so we don’t say much either. Okay I have said enough so thank you for listening. Good night. 


3 thoughts on “Hello for the first time 

  1. Hello Little one. You really did know what to say – you like playing with your toys and patting your puppy dog. You don’t have to say a lot – and it was nice to read your thoughts. G’nite little one.

  2. Hello Little One. You were able to say lots of things. We know you like to play with your toys and pat Billie. I have two dogs. It is weird being in a body that feels much bigger – but thats okay too. You are up late for a 5 year old – so I will now say G’nite”. 🙂

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