Surviving the holidays

I did it. I got through Christmas successfully, with little emotional hangover and fear. Some of the strategies I used included:

  • Having no expectation about the holidays – what it should be, what i should be doing, how I should be acting etc
  • Working right up until the 23rd December, so keeping myself very busy (almost too busy)
  • Keeping my plans really low key. I had lunch at my sister’s house with her husband and my niece and nephew. We just opened presents in the morning, went for a walk, then cooked lunch. We played a board game and then in the afternoon watched a DVD. Bedtime. That’s it. Nice and simple.
  • Avoiding big family stuff in general has been really good for me.
  • I have been praying lots and relying on God for support and strength.
  • In general, early nights, lots of exercise, ice-cream and chilling out.

Pretty normal huh? Still getting used to normal, but starting to accept it, nearly four years sober. It is getting easier to handle the holidays and take things one day at a time. As I have done the family thing this year by myself (as in sans husband and puppy), I am looking forward to seeing them so much.

Heading home to my beloved’s tonight and now just have to get through New Years….



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