Why SRA is so hard to believe

If you are reading this blog you have likely had some experience with SRA – satanic ritual abuse. Either you are counseling or ministering to someone or you have sadly been infected by this abuse. As someone who is heavily drawn to this material and has a deep suspicion of being involved with some heavy, sickening stuff in my childhood, I totally get the incredulous responses of those new to this type of abuse. Reconciling that as humans we are capable of such atrocities and do this in the name of satan, forces us to step outside our existing paradigm into a supernatural world, rooted in spiritual warfare. But this is the stuff of Hollywood right? Wrong. Why is it hard to believe that these horrors can happen when thousands of Jews and others were tortured and experimented on in concentration camps by  the Nazis? What about the Serbian wars, Charles Manson and the Austrian man (Josef Fritzl) who locked his daughter in a basement for years, raping her and treating her like an animal (and fathering seven of her children). These are just a few examples that happen in our world and yes, they too are somewhat unbelievable, but we know that they happened right? To entertain that satanists operate in our suburban neighbourhoods just seems so crazy, but imagine what the neighbours thought when they found out about Mr Fritzl’s double life.

I wonder too, whose name these people perform these atrocities under? Whilst some may say God, sadly it is the perversion of our loving God and rather the false god of lucifer that people corrupted act in servitude too. I too believe that these people are controlled by demons – but that is for another post.

The fact is that satanic ritual abuse does happen and innocent children are being hurt and forced to participate in rituals that completely mess up their life. The cult programming is so strong that the children dissociate, splitting off into parts of themselves that carry these horrible memories. The programming is deeply layered to stop the children talking, either as kids or when they grow up as adults. If the victim does talk out, the programming gets activated – anything and everything from alter parts that are designed to kill the person if they talk, to sabotaging efforts to heal and get well in therapeutic settings, to falling asleep every time they get close to talking about the abuse. The more we deny that this abuse exists, the more we deny those that are wanting to heal the chance to be heard, validated and supported through their recovery.

Why do you think SRA is so hard to believe?


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